Sunday, May 2, 2010

Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages

This is a fairly basic program which provides plain Arabic letters to color. I really wanted some with pictures, but I will keep looking. They will color one Arabic letter and 1 number per week. This website also has some nice coloring pages to teach children their colors in Arabic, they have nice pictures on them. My toddlers will color about one of these per week, and I will also look around for English color-teaching pictures, so that they can learn their colors in both languages simultaneously. There are lots of cool color and alphabet teaching art and craft project ideas, but I do not think my toddlers are really ready for anything more advanced than simply coloring with (washable) crayons. Maybe next year, when they are three, we might try finger painting and other simple things. We'll see. This website also provides some great Arabic writing practice sheets which will be very useful when the time comes to teach the kids at the next level.

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